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Test, DevOps, Service V (12)

We are looking for software engineer with great experience in test. The scope of continuous testing is to enable product teams to make better, faster and more valuable testing. This will be done by creating an inner sourcing community which will contain tools, frameworks, best practises etc. We will also support the organisation with education, training, coaching and hands-on support. We are responsible for all areas of test reaching all the way from unit test and source code quality all the way out to A/B testing and UX testing in production. It contains all aspects of non-functional and functional testing. We are working closely together with the CI and CD team to help teams get the best development pipeline for their product. As a team member you will work with two different areas: Enablers: maintenance, evaluation, improvements, knowledge sharing of: tools, frameworks, patterns, best practises etc. Also creating generic scripts that could be useful for many teams. Enablement: On-boarding and support of tools. Mainly hands-on support in different teams meaning that you will sit with the team and guide/support them with improving their testing. The teams should do the implementation themselves. Role 1: Tester with developer background: Java development experience Test automation Python JMeter Role 2: Performance Tester: Experience from production environment. Meaning: Used to work in ??live? testing Experience of LoadRunner Role 3: Service Virtualisation Engineer: Experience from Service V and Development testing Role 4: DevOps: Google cloud environment Docker Kubernetes

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