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Edge AI Platform Engineer (3)

We are looking for an embedded software engineer with an expert knowledge in AI/deep learning with ability to apply deep learning techniques and algorithms to solve real business problems. We are working in a fast-changing environment with room for creative ideas (and sometimes limited upper management guidance). To share knowledge, educate and help others ?? developers and non-technical persons alike ?? is an important part of the role. Responsibilities Design, implement and optimize machine learning systems such as data collection, model training, evaluation, and deployment to cameras Investigate best ways to deploy edge machine learning/deep neural learning to specific products Identify and develop AI use cases to showcase Sony technology Lead and assist internal development teams to create and package their API and/or hardware development kits in a developer-friendly way for smooth onboarding Document best practices, create sample code projects, write tutorials and developer guides to promote and educate the developer-users Influence internal product roadmap and strategy with your working knowledge and experience with external developers to create more successful developer products Requirements Understand and apply the process of deploying IoT based solution on Edge devices Understand and apply the process of implementing models to edge devices Experience with implementing computer vision or machine learning frameworks (e.g TensorFlow, Caffe, OpenCV) Working experience with embedded systems and components (e.g. Arduino, ARM,) Working experience with programming languages, especially C/C++, Python Working experience with DSP programming a plus Ability to pick up new programming languages and create working prototypes quickly to do technical feasibility studies Self-driving contributor who can work independently as well as in a team Adaptable to a fast and frequently changing work environment Ability to provide instructions and manage small projects consisting of 2-3 persons Good English communication skills (writing, verbal, presentation) Desired Qualifications and Experience: Knowledge of deep learning applications for semiconductor products Experience of working in an international environment with daily communication across time-zones and cultures

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