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Financial Controller

We are looking for a consultant with at least 10 years of experience in the position. The work includes controlling the EBITDA of the company, calculating and optimizing the profitability of the services that the company sells, approving the profitability for each project, reviewing salaries, commissions and authorizing payments to all staff, reviewing costs, balance, EERR and report early alerts, review and monitor budgets for company areas, negotiate with suppliers and financial institutions, perform bank reconciliations, update and manage the weekly and monthly flow of the company, manage the purchase of licenses or tools, invoice and support in the collection of invoices with clients, project monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual expenses, carry out administrative procedures, review and implement benefits for collaborators, coordinate with accountants and lawyers for the management of contracts and necessary administrative documents, and review contracts and NDAs for clients in the required times.Please send your CV to and follow us on social media #HumanitasIT

Chile - Remote