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Full Stack Engineer SR

Humanitas IT is looking for a SR Engineer with extensive experience in JavaScript Node.js backend. An experimented start-up co-founder has a product designed for developers to help them building in-house applications. The platform is a low-code builder for secure enterprise- grade internal tools. Developers use this product to drag and drop UI components onto a canvas and connect it to a data source (Postgres, snowflake, Zendesk, S3, etc.) through our integrations. Developers can also use the workflow builder to build the backend of the internal tool. It offers a complete set of tools to create and implement internal tools. The platform will focus on the backend functions of database integration. The ideal candidate must have: More than 5 years of professional development experience working with Javascript / TypeScript, React. More than 5 years of experience leveraging private or public cloud infrastructure to build and operate cloud-native APIs and applications. Significant experience with NodeJS, Express, Postgres, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes. Experience in SaaS architectures, cloud storage (EBS, S3), security, networking, authentication (OAuth2, SSO) and implementation. Experience developing features and enhancements for the product in a safe, tested and effective way. Experience creating integrations in MongoDB, Amazon S3, MySQL, DynamoDB, spreadsheets, BigQuery databases. English proficiency (at least B2) Desirable: Experience working with systems like Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Airflow. English proficiency (C1, C2, C2+) Area: LATAM Full time